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Acer Service Center in Kolkata

Acer Service Center in Kolkata

June 29, 2023 admin No Comments

Acer Service Center in Kolkata Near Me

NSS Laptop Service Center welcomes you back to its new blog about the Acer service center in Kolkata. When we all shop for brand-new gadgets such as mobile, tablets, or laptops, then we tend to buy beautiful accessories to decorate, such as a temper for the screen, covers that have an attractive outer look, Bluetooth headphones, or AirPods to listen to music, wireless mouse and keyboard. Still, at that time, we forget about an important step that increases its life: servicing. When our laptop becomes one year old, it starts producing minor faults, which we ignore and do not heed until that minor issue transforms into a significant drawback. When it starts showing a sign of servicing due to its major flaw, we heed it and look for a trustworthy laptop repair center, a big blunder made by everybody. Suppose you live in Kolkata and are looking for a reliable Acer service center in Kolkata to fix your Acer laptop as a minor issue of your computer has transformed into a big problem. In that case, you must contact us by dialing +91-9711917960. We also provide services in every part of Kolkata or its nearby areas. Stay with me till the end.

How to Schedule an Appointment With Us?


  1. After a second, one of our employees will attend your call.
  2. When one of our employees picks up your call, brief him on your laptop issue.
  3. A great piece of advice will be given which will fix your laptop issue. If you cannot find your laptop, call us again to schedule a meeting with our experts.
  4. One of our experts will reach your destination in a short period.
  5. There is no additional cost to pay a home visit.


It is not an easy job to choose a laptop repair center. You need to do in-depth research for that if you want a fruitful outcome. Read this post about the Acer laptop service center in Kolkata; this post will help you do an in-depth analysis. There are various reasons to choose the Acer service center in Kolkata near me.


Acer Laptop Repair Home Service in Kolkata :

  • Pick and drop service:- If you are occupied with your work and do not have time to drop your laptop at our center, then we provide pick and drop services. One of our workers will come to your destination after your call and pick up your computer to inspect it. There are no additional charges for pick-and-drop services.
  • Always do an end inspection:- Our service team always does one end inspection before assembling the parts of your laptop to ensure your equipment works properly.
  • Four-week guarantee:- In any case, your equipment does not perform well after the inspection in one month. In that case, we will return your money.
  • Proficient workers:- We have appointed a squad of experts who perform the tasks efficiently and on time because they are knowledgeable about every brand of laptop.
  • Trained staff:- Before appointing our team, we test their knowledge. If we find a suitable match for our center, we fix them. But after the appointment, we train them to match the level of our center.
  • Built a website:- If you are searching to fix your laptop for a minor issue, then you can visit our website, as we post multiple blogs where you can find a suitable solution for your computer from minor to major.
  • Close attention: Our squad pays close attention to your laptop while inspecting it to ensure it performs well. This is one of the biggest reasons we are renowned.
  • Problem is heard patiently: When you call us yo, you have firm faith that your issue will be listened to patiently, which is true. We always listen to your situation calmly and provide you with advice.
  • Present for a week:- We are available to aid you for the entire week.
  • False commitments are not made:- No worker of our center makes false commitments regarding your laptop.
  • On-time delivery:- If we have committed to delivering your laptop on the promised day, we do that as we always deliver your computer on time.
  • We deal with every brand and issue of laptops and refurbished laptops.

List of Authorised Acer Service Centers in Kolkata

Acer Service Center Name Address Contact Detail
Aforeserve.Com Ltd – Acer Laptop Service Center in Kolkata 35 C.R Avenue, ,1st & 6th Floor,Room #13 Phone: 33 – 22110133, 32989859
ATNCARE 46D, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Satyam Buildings, 1st floor, Flat no. 1B & 1C, opposite: ICICI Bank Mobile: 9883840948, 9038250038
Cms Computers Ltd – Acer Laptop Service Center in Kolkata Kankaria Mansion , 7 Kyd Street ,4th Floo NA
Data Infosys – Acer Laptop Service Center in Kolkata 2A,G.C.Avenue, Commerce,House, 4th Floor,, Mobile: 98307 27090
Ontrack Systems Ltd – Acer Laptop Service Center in Kolkata 19, Ekdalia Road Mobile: 98302 80967

Home Service for Acer Laptop Common Problems : 


This blog will highlight the step-by-step contact with the Acer service center in Kolkata.

Thanks for staying till the end. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q-1. How do you contact Acer Authorized Service Center?

Ans- You can contact Acer Authorized Service Center at 1-800-11-6677 

Q-2. Does warranty take time?

Ans- No, you do not need to pay extra for the repair when your product is under warranty.

Q-3. Which is better, HP or Acer?

Ans- HP is more powerful than Acer due to its more powerful processor.

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