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Asus Service Center in Ghaziabad

ASUS Service Center in Ghaziabad

June 29, 2023 admin No Comments

Asus Service Center in Ghaziabad Near Me

Think of a situation: Monday morning, after two days of weekend break, you are in a pleasant mood and prepared to accomplish your professional tasks with a new zeal. You have just roused up and are all set to start your work on your ASUS laptop. After an hour, you are just about to complete your presentation, and suddenly, there is a twist in the story; your ASUS laptop has just shut down abruptly, and when it starts working again, you have lost your work progress. How angry you will be! I understand your sentiments, as I have also sailed in the same boat.

Last week, I was also writing an article for my company, and my laptop got stuck due to overheating issues. My hard work went in vain as I also lost the work progress like you. I got angry for fifteen minutes on my laptop, but then I took out some ways to cure my computer from heating issues. If you are also struggling with your laptop and looking for a reliable ASUS service center near me, don’t go here or there. Just call the ASUS service center in Ghaziabad at +91-8920617429. A team member will arrive at your spot soon. This page is intended for everyone, not just Ghaziabad residents.

What Makes the Asus Service Center in Ghaziabad the Best Option?

You will find all your laptop problem solutions at the ASUS laptop service center in Ghaziabad, which serves as a one-stop shop for laptop issues. ASUS laptop service center Ghaziabad guarantees you will not be disappointed if you visit the center once. Choosing a laptop service center to provide the best care for your laptop is not easy. In further detail, let us examine the advantages of using Ghaziabad’s ASUS mobile service center.


  • Every laptop brand and component is serviced at the customer’s door, including Apple, Microsoft, HCL, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, and Lenovo, as well as the keyboard, HDD, SAD, RAM, motherboard, printers, screen display, mouse, CPU, web camera, LED lights, and laptop adapter.
  • We always deal in original components, which is why we are well-known and have a high name in the industry.
  • A reputable repair business will charge moderate rates, making it a cost-effective choice for fixing your laptop.
  • There is a 30-day warranty; otherwise, your money will be returned if your equipment has an issue after it has been serviced. This service is only available at the Asus service center.
  • Any service provided on the same day a client contacts us is free if a client does not have time to drop off the laptop at the center.
  • We employ a staff of skilled and knowledgeable IT technicians with 8 to 10 years of expertise.
  • Before using any equipment, each employee of our laptop maintenance center receives the necessary training. This prepares them to deal with any problematic circumstances. Our entire team has received specific training.
  • Ready to assist at any time: We are always available to assist you in resolving laptop-related concerns.
  • The website contains free solutions.
  • We always carefully inspect the computers to ensure that consumers do not suffer in the future.
  • When a delegate describes an issue to any member, that issue has been heard, and a concise and straightforward remedy has been provided.
  • We are available seven days a week.
  • We never make false promises.
  • Our reputation for on-time delivery is one of the most important variables determining our business.
  • Before distributing, perform one final examination.
  • Offers refurbished computers.


Monitor, trackpad, printers, mice, LED lights, processor, webcam, laptop adapter, keyboard, etc. You can visit the ASUS service center in Ghaziabad to purchase a new laptop or get high-quality work done on your present model. You must have complete trust in us to give exceptional services. Don’t let a broken laptop hinder your progress. Call us immediately at +91-9717150098 to schedule a repair and continue your employment as soon as possible.

ASUS Service Centre Handles All Hardware Issues.

  • Asus Laptop Motherboard Upgrade
  • Replacement of a Screen
  • Liquid Injury
  • Battery Replacement, HDD Upgrade, and RAM Upgrade
  • Keyboard Substitute
  • Replacement of Touch
  • Hinge LED Lights Repair Camera Repair Repair Speaker Repair Mic Replacement Charging Port
  • Data Retrieval
  • Virus Removal Software Repair

What Are Some ASUS Common Laptop Issues?

  • Asus Laptop Overheating
  • Blank Screen
  • The laptop regularly powers on and off.
  • The laptop produces odd noises.
  • Asus Laptop freezes
  • The charging problem
  • Malfunctioning keyboard
  • Slow replies
  • Asus Laptop Low battery
  • The laptop generates vibrations.
  • black spots
  • Dead Pixel
  • Asus Laptop Screen Flickering
  • Asus Laptop Hinge issues
  • Cracked Screen

How Does the ASUS Laptop Service Center Work?

ASUS Laptop Service Center has separate teams and experienced IT technicians for every department.

  • Please get in touch with the NSS Laptop Service Centre at +91-8920617429.
  • Make an appointment with the technician.
  • An IT professional will come to your location and resolve the problem.
  • First, he will inspect your gadget to determine the problem.
  • He will give you a quote after inspecting the property.
  • Finally, whether or not to use the services is entirely up to you.

We have a comprehensive instructional blog if you’re having trouble with any other subject and need a solution. You can browse our blogs from our website and request any answer to your difficulty. We are ready to help you. We improve our postings to address any concerns.

List of Authorised Asus Service Centers in Ghaziabad:

Asus Service Center Name Address Contact Detail
Rashi Peripherals Private Limited B-6, B Block, Ashok Nagar Market Ghaziabad-Uttar Pradesh – 201001 Contact Number 0120-4117273
F1 Info Solution & Service Private Limited 405, 4th Floor, Hans Plaza, Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad-Uttar Pradesh – 201001 Dial 0120-4202360
TVS Electronics Ltd. 304, Hans Plaza, Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – 201001 – 201001 Call 9811037801



Read this blog to avoid interference from laptop issues in your work.

Q-1. Is there any extra charging fee if any of the ASUS laptop service center technicians visit the home to inspect the issue?

Ans- No, there is no extra charging fee if any of the ASUS laptop service center technicians visit the home to inspect the issue.


Q-2. What are the common issues with an ASUS laptop?

Ans- Overheating, blank Screen, laptop regularly powers on and off, laptop produces odd noises, the computer freezes, The charging problem, malfunctioning keyboard, slow replies, low battery, vibrations generated by the computer, black spots, dead Pixel, Screen flickering, hinge issues, and cracked Screen.


Q-3. Does the ASUS service center deal in refurbished ASUS laptops?

Ans- Yes, we deal in refurbished laptops.


Q-4.What is the difference between ASUS Laptop repair and replacement?

Ans- Repair means fixing a specific issue without replacing it, whereas replacement means removing the damaged part of the laptop.


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