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Asus Service Center in Gurgaon

Asus Service Center in Gurgaon

July 24, 2023 admin No Comments

ASUS Service Center in Gurgaon Near Me

You are exploring or searching for Asu’s authorised service center near me in Gurugram for your Asus laptops, including Asus Vivobooks. If yes, then your exploration is in the right way. Asus is a well-known product in notebooks, better known for its premium quality and diverse variety of Vivobooks, 2-1 tablets, and Zenbooks fold. Asus is the brand which is the ideal choice for buyers because of its performance. To do business meetings and complete PowerPoint presentations and projects, a laptop or a computer is a primary need to be fulfilled. Now, think of a situation where you have a crucial meeting online, and you will present your project ideas through a presentation in a week. Your presentation is ready, and you think you will check it once. But, as soon as you open your laptop, you see that your screen is blank, and you cannot review your presentation. Now, what will be your reaction to this situation? It will be freaking stressful for you. Right. I know this situation very well because I faced the same problem. If you are also caught up in the same problem, I will tell you how I handle the same kind of situation and complete my project within time.

Firstly, I tried hard to fix my Asus laptop on my own, but even after my continuous efforts, when it didn’t work, I searched for the best Asus authorised service center near me in Gurugram. In this blog, we will also list some best Asus authorised laptop service centers in Gurgaon that will fix your Asus laptop in the best way possible.


Gurugram, formerly known as Gurgaon, is the main center of Haryana’s industrial and financial sector. It is also a part of the National Capital Region ( NCR) and home to several of the best Asus-authorised service centers. Asus’

The authorised laptop and printer service center in Gurugram provides various repair services for laptops, including Asus tablets, Vivobooks, Zenbooks, and other laptops. They aim to deliver the best repair service in the best possible way, including hardware repair, software repair, and any external and internal damage such as broken display screens, keyboard damage, Windows OS updates, and many more.

The availability of staff to contact their customers is good enough to explain and solve their doubts and queries. Some more repair services they provide to the customers are listed below.


Some of the popular repair services that they are providing to customers are listed below -:

  1. Hardware issues

If your Asus laptop or Vivobooks has hardware issues such as the battery not working, unusual noises from the laptop fan, the touchpad or cursor not working, motherboard issues, the installed camera not working, etc., In this kind of hardware repair case, Asus authorized a laptop service center in Gurugram to provide the best diagnosis with the branded and high-quality sub-parts of ASUS  laptops.

  1. Repair services for ASUS Vivobook touchscreen

The Asus service center near me in Gurugram deals with the Asus Vivobook touchscreen laptop issues, such as trackpads not working, system malfunctioning, resetting errors, etc.

  1. Repair services for software issues

 If your Asus laptop has any Software issues such as the Windows OS not working correctly, a blank screen problem, the computer becoming unresponsive, Virus attacks, etc. In this kind of Software repair case, Asus authorised a laptop service center in Gurugram to provide the best diagnosis possible.

  1. Warranty and post-warranty Services

Suppose your Asus laptop is under warranty or the warranty is over. In that case, you can directly contact or walk into the ASUS  laptop service center in Gurgaon to know about the charges and plans for the under-warranty Asus product or none under-warranty Asus product.

  1. Pickup services for the ASUS product

 If you’re worrying about how you will take your Asus laptop to the destination of the service center, then no worries because the Asus laptop service center provides pickup and delivery services for your Asus products.

  1. Friendly atmosphere for customer support

The ASUS authorised service center in Gurgaon has representatives of leading members who are available to stay in touch with their customers during the repair period of their ASUS  laptops. Customer support is available to check and update the repair status of the ASUS  laptops.

 How does ASUS’s authorized laptop service center in Gurugram work? 

The authorized Asus laptop service center in Gurgaon works on the principle of customer satisfaction, which means the service center is all one choice for their customers to choose for better service and price. These are the following steps that you can take to put your laptop in the repair process with the Asus authorised laptop service center.

  • Contact the Asu’s service center to make an appointment for your Asus laptop service.
  • You can also ask about the different repair services the laptop service center offers in Gurugram.
  • The separate department of IT tools technicians will deal with the problem of the Asus laptop after scanning it.
  • Further, they will guide you to the next step.

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This blog is for readers searching for the best authorised Asus service center in Gurgaon for their laptop repair.




Q.1 Does an ASUS laptop have a touch screen?

Ans-  Yes, Asus tablets and Vivobooks have a touch ability sensor and screen to provide flexible performance by fingers.

Q.2 Why is my ASUS laptop not working?

Ans- Sometimes, Due to Windows OS crashing, virus attacks, or battery issues, the laptop can’t run.

Q.3 How do you fix a broken ASUS laptop screen?

Ans –  Take your ASUS laptop to the service center to repair or replace the fragile laptop screen.

Q.4 Is the ASUS-authorised service center too expensive?

Ans- No, ASUS’s authorised service center provides a reasonable price for their customers.

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