Dell Laptop Hinge Repair Cost Near Me

Dell Hinge Repair Cost

I’d like to add a new topic to this page of Laptop Repairing Near Me‘s web blog: What is the cost of Dell laptop hinge repair? Laptop hinges allow the display to move around easily and within limits while also providing support and stability. As a result, the hinge is the most critical portion of the computer. Before I tell you anything about the Dell hinge repair cost, I’d like to let you know about the Dell laptop hinge repair center near me. You will find all of the capabilities and information on any laptop brand or part here. Now, let’s go through the advantages of the Dell hinge, the causes of the Dell laptop hinge problem, and how to avoid Dell hinge breakage. As we live in the technological age, it is not an impossible task for IT specialists to repair Dell laptop hinges.


What is The Dell Laptop Broken Hinge Repair And Replacement Cost?

Dell hinge repair cost starts between Rs. 850 to Rs. 900. Dell hinge replacement costs start at Rs. 1050 and ends at Rs. 1200. A Dell broken hinge price is determined by its model and brand. The price fluctuates according to market pricing. A laptop hinge is a type of hinge used in laptop computers to connect the screen to the main body of the device. It is angled differently to make viewing more comfortable. Laptop hinges are often made of a combination of metal and plastic. Plastic components help to reduce weight and allow for a smoother rotation, whilst metal components, such as hinge arms and pivots, provide strength and longevity. The hinge mechanism keeps the screen firmly in place at various angles, preventing unintentional laptop shutting down or accidental movement. 

When Do You Require Our Assistance, And Why Should You Use Our Services?

When will you need our help? If the screen gets sloppy, difficult to open or close, or even separates from the hinge base, the laptop will fail. To ensure the laptop’s proper operation and to avoid future damage. We can assist you if your laptop’s hinge is damaged or broken.

  • Call the Dell laptop service center hinge near me to resolve the Dell laptop hinge problem or any other laptop-related issue, such as the installation of RAM, SSD, HDD, antivirus, software, and Windows, or the repair and replacement of the motherboard, keyboard, screen, charging ports, LED lights, processor, printers, mice, web cameras, and adapters.
  • We have vast experience repairing hardware and software issues such as the Dell Inspiron hinge problem
  • We are famous in the laptop industry and have a strong reputation.
  • If you take your Dell laptop’s broken hinge to a reputed repair facility, you can have your damaged hinge repaired for a reasonable price.
  • If your Dell laptop develops hinge issues after service, you will be granted a 30-day warranty and your money will be refunded.
  • Every service we provide is free the first time a client contacts us.
  • Before operating any equipment, each member of our laptop repair facility’s crew receives the necessary training. This prepares them to deal with any complex hinge problem in your Dell laptop.
  • Our entire crew has received the necessary training to repair the broken hinge of Dell.
  • We are always available to help you with your laptop if you need it at any moment.
  • The website offers free fixes for hinge problems in Dell laptops.
  • We rigorously inspect the equipment each time to ensure that our clients’ PCs are not damaged in the future.
  • When a delegate raises a problem to a member and receives an immediate, unequivocal solution, the issue has been heard.
  • You can reach us at any time because our laptop repair center is never closed.
  • We never make false promises.
  • Our track record for on-time delivery is a key factor in our performance.
  • Before distribution, conduct one final check.
  • We sell used Dell laptop computers.


How can you make an appointment with us? Call +91-9791940110 and a company representative will answer. He will ask about the laptop malfunction. He will listen to your problem and advise you on the best line of action. If you are unable to resolve your Dell laptop’s hinge problem. Schedule the appointment. He will examine the issue and provide a quote.

Dell Laptop Hinge Repair Cost In India

Dell Hinge Damage Type Dell Hinge Repair Cost
Dell Hinges Loose  Rs. 350 – Rs. 600
Dell Laptop Hinges Broken Rs. 800 – Rs. 3000
Dell Laptop Screen Not Closing Properly Rs. 800 – Rs. 3000 
Dell Laptop Hinge Repair or Replacement Cost  Price Depend on Dell Model


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Q1: What is a laptop hinge?

A: Laptop hinge is the mechanism that connects the screen or display panel to the main body of the laptop. It allows the screen to be opened and closed while providing support and stability.

Q2: Can I repair the hinge myself?

A: Repairing a laptop hinge can be a complex task that requires technical expertise and specialized tools. It is generally recommended to seek professional assistance, especially if you are not experienced in laptop repairs.

Q3: Where can I get my Dell laptop hinge repaired?

A: You can contact Dell customer support or visit an authorized Dell service center to get your laptop hinge repaired. Alternatively, you can search for local Dell laptop repair shops or center or if you want Dell Hinge repair at home Call at +91-9891940110  that specialize in laptop repairs.

Q4: How long does it take to repair a Dell laptop hinge?

A: The repair time can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the availability of replacement parts. In some cases, the repair can be completed within a few hours, while more complex repairs may take a couple of days or longer.

Q5: How much does a Dell laptop hinge repair cost?

A: The cost of repairing a laptop hinge can vary depending on the model of your Dell laptop, the extent of the damage, and the location where you get it repaired. It is best to contact Dell customer support or a local repair shop to get an accurate estimate of the repair cost.

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