Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost Near Me

I trust that you all are well by the grace of Almighty. Today’s topic is laptop motherboard repair. The laptop has many parts: a screen, keyboard, mouse, speaker, mic, camera, battery, charging, and motherboard. I am sure many of you have heard about motherboards, but you do not know their use. In this blog about laptop repair near me, I will inform you about what a motherboard is, how it works, why it starts trouble, how to take care of a motherboard, what the motherboard repair cost is, and where you can take it to repair.

laptop motherboard repair cost

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Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost Salient Features

  • What is a motherboard?
  • How does a motherboard work?
  • Why does a motherboard start trouble?
  • How to take care of a motherboard?
  • What is the motherboard repair cost?
  • Where can you take your motherboard to repair it?

A motherboard is the backbone of a laptop; without it, the computer will not function properly. It helps the computer tie the equipment together in one place and allows them to communicate. Without a CPU, the GPU cannot interact. In short, a motherboard must function well to run a laptop properly. It is also called mainboard, primary circuit, and baseboard. A motherboard’s main job is to hold a laptop’s microprocessor chip and allow other parts to connect. The layout of the motherboard is called the form factor. A motherboard starts trouble because of such reasons. Some of them are fluctuation of electricity and voltage, dust and debris, liquid damage, eatables damage, water damage, overheating causing fan failures, and incompatible components. There are specific ways to take care of your laptop’s motherboard. Some give your computer a break so it won’t produce heat. Please do not put your laptop on couches and mattresses as the fat cotton inside them produces heat and blocks the space for airflow. Try to avoid the pressure on your CPU. Clean your laptop keys with an old toothbrush so that dust and debris won’t enter the keyboard’s laptop. Do not put liquid like water, Dettol, Savlon, drinks, and juices aside from your computer so that fluid won’t damage your keyboard or, indirectly, the motherboard. Work in cool areas. After breakfast, lunch, or dinner, wash your hands to avoid oil on the keypads. Follow these tips to have a long life on your laptop’s motherboard. Depending on the model, a motherboard repair costs Rs. 1500 and Rs. 8000.

HP Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

The fathers of HP were Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939. HP is best for its reliability. They designed the HP laptop to be geared to its last.

MacBook Motherboard Repair Cost

Apple rules the market due to its unique features. Everyone desires to buy Apple gadgets, but the fact is that they are expensive. The father of Apple is Steven Paul Jobs.

Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair cost

Dell is known for ensuring data and application. Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1984.

ASUS Laptop Motherboard Repair cost

ASUS was established in 1989. It is a multinational company famous for motherboards and computers.

Acer Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

Acer is a reputed brand. It provides budget-friendly laptops with high quality.

Lenovo Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

Lenovo is a leading company that produces high-quality laptops

Where Can You Take Your Motherboard to Repair it?

There are various centers to repair your motherboard, but you should be assured of the laptop center of your choice for an excellent laptop motherboard repair. I will discuss the features of the best laptop motherboard repair center. We have ruled this market for over a decade, providing quality work to our customers. We provide fast delivery with a final inspection of the equipment. We deal in authentic parts and refurbished laptops. If I speak about warranty, then we offer a four-week warranty. We have a squad of expert IT technicians who are honest in their work and provide quality. Pick-and-drop service is available if you don’t have time to drop your laptop; there is no additional cost. We understand time is precious, and everyone is busy accomplishing their goals. We are willing to offer solutions to your laptop problems anytime, as we have created a website where our content developer posts regular blogs. When any customer calls, his problem is heard patiently, and a trustworthy solution is provided. We don’t commit fake promises. We have seven days of availability. If you want to gain profits from a laptop motherboard repair center, contact us at +91 9717150098.


I have discussed the trustworthy laptop motherboard repair center in this blog. With that, I have also mentioned what a motherboard is, how a motherboard works, why a motherboard creates problems, tips and tricks to take care of your laptop, and laptop motherboard repair costs. Read this blog to upgrade your knowledge about motherboards.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ans- The laptop motherboard repair cost starts from Rs.1500 to Rs.8000 depending on the model of your laptop.

Ans- A laptop motherboard can last up to 20 years even more than that if you take care of a laptop motherboard by following the tips and tricks I have mentioned in this blog.

Ans- Yes, of course, you will lose data if you replace the motherboard and the data will not be recoverable.

Ans- When a motherboard is damaged the laptop starts booting and then shut down.
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